Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Shadowrun: Vera

"It is my very favorite gun."

There's a reason you never tell anybody you've named a weapon. Actually, I take that back. There's multiple freaking reasons, not least of which is they stare at you, followed by the inevitable question "You named your gun?" People've been naming weapons for eons. Get over it.

That is of course the rabbit hole question. If people decide to leap in, then you're bound to have a few more. Tell me about the gun. How'd it earn its name, or why do you call it that. Where'd you get it. Why the hell did you name your freaking gun.

So what is it? It's an assault rifle. Make and model's hard to tell with how much it's been modified since its original purchase, but if I had to take a guess, it's something along the lines of a Yamaha Raiden, updated to have increased accuracy when you're aiming down the sights, with a scope, smartgun capabilities, a built-in suppressor, and an added dual magazine. If that's the case, someone's added a longer stock, and a more refined barrel.

So where it get its name? Vera, like the woman who was her owner prior to myself, can be extremely loud, eats bullets like nobody's business, has a problem of being aimed at things that I'd much prefer she wasn't aimed at(myself being one of them), and has probably killed a ton more people that I'm entirely unaware of before I even knew she existed. You wanna talk and swap crazy ex-girlfriend stories, I'll toss that one out there. Grade A nutjob, wrapped up psychotic, with a dash of cuckoo. And wielding a decent sized assault rifle. She presently is no longer with us. Considering the fact that Vera got shot by her gun. Ironically enough not the rifle, but the pistol she kept under her pillow.

I would say that maybe she won't try to smother the next guy with his own pillow while he's asleep. But there isn't a next guy. Word to the wise. If you plan on killing someone, don't leave your pistol within reach of them, unless you're using it in the act.

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