Monday, June 2, 2014


     He squinted, leaning forward against the wheel to try to see better. Of course it had to have started raining. Mother Nature on duty for mood fitting weather, every time. With a flick of his thumbs he turned the wipers on high, shifting his left foot to tap the button on the floor to turn the highbeams on. It didn't help much, and if he wasn't careful he was going to miss his turn.

     The front left tire met with an indention in the road, rocking the entire car. Behind him in the trunk he could hear a rather loud, metallic 'thump'. His left foot began tapping nervously. That turn was close, it had to be close. It was about fifteen minutes away from where he had turned off the last time, and it had been about... He shook his head. How long had it been since he had turned off? His fingers drummed against the wheel in rhythm with his foot. The turn was coming up soon. He just had to be watching for it.

     A sign in to a view, causing him to tap the breaks just long enough to read it. One mile. It was one mile to his turn. Bringing his right hand to the top of his head, he cleared the sweat from his forehead. First step, get there. Second step, take it from there. Get there first. Right.

     His foot met the break as he saw the road that lead off to his destination off to his right. Were the road not soaked by this point, the tires probably would have given a horrible creak, but done little else. Instead the car swerved against his will, the rear swinging out to the left before he finally managed to bring it to a halt. Slowly he crept up to the road, turning down it. He felt the change from asphalt to dirt. Step one was finished.

     A crack of thunder lit the surrounding area for a short moment. Off to his left was a large metal gate, and beyond it a number of sleeping people he was going to do his best to not disturb. In fact, he had no plans of going anywhere near those inside of the gate. All of his business was to be conducted outside it.

     The gate eventually disappeared to be replaced by trees on both side. He stopped, putting the vehicle in park and turning it off. Reaching down, he popped the trunk open. Taking a breath in, he exited his car, turning grabbing the flashlight he had brought with him.

     "Take it easy," he muttered to himself.

     Approaching the rear of the car, he pulled the trunk fully open, shining the flashlight into it. Its contents consisted of a large, filled trash bag, and a shovel. He shuddered, shaking his head and looking away, wincing as he did so. Step two. Take it from there. He had to take it from there. He had to. Another crack of thunder came, causing him to tense up. Finish it. Get it done, and leave. He had to get it done, and leave.

     With a grimace, he heaved the trash bag over his shoulder, flashlight clutched tightly in his hand. The beam moved around here and there as he looked for a good spot, finally settling on a small area between a number of trees. Leaning over, he dropped the trash bag on the ground, setting the flashlight next to it so that he could still see it as he straightened it out, making sure it formed as much of a rectangle as he could possible manage.

     Taking the flashlight, he retreated to the car, retrieved the shovel, and returned to the spot. Once again positioning the flashlight on the ground, he took to pressing the shovel into the ground around the trash bag, until he had a solid line formed around it. Plunging the shovel into the ground next to him, he rolled the trash bag off to the side, before plucking his tool up again, beginning to attack the ground within his new line. Every now and then the area would again light up because of a new flash of lightning, which only seemed to cause him to dig faster and faster.

     Once he had reached what he thought was a suitable depth, he emerged from his new hole, pushing the trash bag back into it. It hit the ground with a soft 'thud'. He returned to work, replacing the dirt he had pulled from the Earth to where he had found it, slowly filling the hole. He was sweating again, but at least this time it was from the labor.

     When the job was done, he admired his work for a moment, resting forward against the shovel. The ground was flattened as best he could manage it. For now the most he could hope is that the grass would grow over quickly, as the dirt was quite obvious with the green surrounding it. His left foot tapped rapidly again.

     He took slow breaths as he returned to his vehicle, replaced his tool where he had found it, and closed the trunk. A crack of thunder filled the air with sound for a short moment, caused by some strike of lightning he hadn't noticed. Returning to his position behind the wheel, he started the car, turning and heading back down the road he had came from. Eventually the metal gate appeared to his right again, lightning occasionally revealing what exactly it was protecting.

     He gave a soft chuckle, that turned into manic giggle. He squinted in the darkness, insuring that he wouldn't miss his turn. Finding the main road proved to be far simpler than finding this back one had been. Glancing to his right as the area was once again shone for a brief moment, he almost could have sworn he saw someone inside the gate, with a shovel and a small flashlight. Another short laugh escaped him. At least he wasn't some grave digger.

     What a horrible person a soul had to be to do something like that.