Thursday, November 21, 2013

Distant Relations

     "What do you want Vince?" she muttered, slowly picking through the pieces of her rifle that she had laid out on her desk.

     His eyes were firmly planted on his datapad, turning it this way and that as if to get a better view of something. He looked at her, squinting, "You've got a brother, right?"

     Li'ana shot him a glance, left eyebrow slowly raising, "Yeah. Jedi. Why?" 

     Vincent motioned for her to look at him, holding his datapad up to where it was right beside her face. His mouth hung open as he compared the picture of the person on his datapad to her, squinting yet again. 

     She sighed, giving him a look, "The hell are you doing?"

     "Well, it's just that there's this guy they just brought in," he said, motioning to the device, "Had the same last name as you, but wasn't a Jedi. Figured it was a coincidence or something. Big galaxy, you know."

     She nodded slowly, frowning by this point, "And."

     "And, well," he said, holding his datapad out to her, "You two look alike. It's eerie is all."

     She stared at the picture, the frown on her face growing. There were similarities, just as she was worried there would be, though whereas her hair was blonde his was brown. Li'ana turned her gaze back up toward Vince, "What'd You say this guy's name was?"

     Vince flicked the picture away, a page of information appearing in its place. He tapped near the top of it, "Red...Redamous Malcolm. Who names their kid Redamous?"

     She sighed, standing, "What room is he in?"

     "Interrogation three," he answered, blinking as she quickly strode out of the room.
     Redamous crossed his arms, resting back in the chair, eyes watching the door they had brought him in through. It was the only entrance or exit into the room unless he wanted to have a try at smashing through the one-way glass that to him was clear as mud and to the officers on the other side was clear as day. 

     This was far from his first time in an interrogation room, and it wasn't likely to be the last. They had brought him in, there was no way in hell he was going to make the have to drag him in, on charges of having associated with some minor thug downstairs. Red had never even heard the guy's name before.

     Outside through the door he could barely make out a few people talking. What they were talking about was beyond him. After a few minutes it grew silent save for a slight click as the lock in the door shifted. Red leaned forward, resting against the table that sat between him and an empty chair. 

     There was another moment of silence, before the door opened and a woman entered, looking through what he could only guess to be his file on her datapad, taking a seat in the other chair. "You know," she said, her voice making Red frown, "Figured this would happen eventually."

     She set the datapad on the table, leaning forward in an almost perfect mirror of the Captain. Red frowned a bit more, shaking his head, "Ain't this a conflict of interest or somethin'?"

     Li'ana nodded, jerking a thumb over her shoulder at the door, "It's like you just heard my conversation out there. We discussed it. They said we're fine."

     "Well ain't that pleasant," he muttered, resting back in his chair, crossing his arms again.

     "The hell's got you in a mood?" she said, scrolling through her datapad as it lay on the table. Ana chuckled, glancing up at him, "What? You know this guy?"

     "Said it enough times already that I don' know 'im," Red said, not sounding amused, "An' I'm in a mood 'cause I just got arrested for somethin' I didn' do, an' now the person they got questionin' me's my damn sister." He leaned forward, squinting. The right side of her face appeared to scarred, from a burn most likely, "The hell happened to you?"

     "What?" she said, laughing again, "Idiot with a flamethrower." Li'ana shrugged, "And really, you think I like the fact that my big brother can't keep himself outta trouble and got hauled in here? You think I like that or somethin'? 'Cause I don't. I don't like the fact that you even do somethin' that might even get you hauled in here."

     He rolled his eyes, "Oh now you sound like Dey."

     "Oh I do not sound like Dey," she said, rolling her eyes as well, "I'm not in here reading you the riot act, am I?"

     "You're pretty damn close."

     "Close ain't doin' it now is it? If anything, I believe you."

      Red blinked, taking his turn to laugh now, "Oh really now."

     "Well yeah," she said, turning towards the glass, "'Cause if any of you guys were paying attention that guy cleared out his contacts list for us last week."

     He stared at her, jaw dropping open slightly, before he turned his head to the glass as well, "Are you kiddin' me? Are you freakin' kiddin' me?"

     She laughed, "They do that sometimes. Like you don't screw up stuff."

     "Maybe. Sometimes."

     "Only sometimes, huh? Never got told to kriff off and didn't know it, still showed up anyway?"

     He covered his face with his hands, rubbing his temples, though a smirk played on his lips all the same, "Ma know you're talkin' like that?"

     "Ma know you talk like that?"

     "She might've got an inklin' back when she was tellin' me about dead."

     "Yeah, she was tellin' me you weren't exactly Captain Smiley."

     Red stared at her, shaking his head, "Didn't have much of a reason to be, now did I?" He shot a glance towards the glass again, before looking back at her, eyebrow raised slightly.

     Li'ana raised an eyebrow of her own, "What? They ain't recording us. Hopefully. Shouldn't be." She said, shooting a glare towards the glass, "Hell. They shouldn't even be watching."

     "People get awfully curious," Red muttered, shaking his head.

     "Don't they?" she said, rolling her eyes in return.
     "She's got another brother," one man muttered, squeezing into the small crowd forming at the window.

     "I swear I've seen that guy before," a second said, squinting, "I didn't even give it a second thought."

     "It's the eyes, right?" a third said.

     "Yeah. Eyes. Looks like it's in the eyes," the first agreed.

     "Was hoping there'd be more screaming," the second muttered.

     "Geeze. Aren't you mister Nice Guy?"


     "Came in here hoping to just watch a fight?"

     "Well why the hell are you in here then?"

     "Just. Just shut up."
     There was a moment of silence between the two, before he cleared his throat. "Well. This has been pleasant and all that but at the risk of soundin' rude, I'd like to check out, if I can."

     She nodded, jerking a thumb over her shoulder toward the door, "Right. Yeah. You're free to go." Red offered her a small smile and nod, standing and shifting over to the door. Ana twisted slightly, turning to look at him, "Hold it."

     He sighed, resting his head against the door, "Yep."

     "Just," she bit her tongue, shrugging, "Just call or somethin'. Or hell, I don't know. Catch me when I'm off or somethin'. Buy you a drink. Or you can buy me one. Yeah, that sounds better."

     Red looked at her, "Guess I could do that."

     She smiled, "Good. I'll call up Dey or somethin'. We can get kicked out of a bar for arguing too loud."

     He rolled his eyes, "I'd prefer you didn't."

     "I'm just kiddin' Red. Mostly."

     He nodded, opening the door and slipping out, raising his voice, "Good."

     She yelled at him in return, "Don't get shot or anything you idiot."

     Li'ana Malcolm sighed, resting forward against the table and rubbing her temples. It was going to be a long day. She could feel it.

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