Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Wilting Away (Part 5)

The plan they had been told about wasn't much of a plan. As they sat around the small table in one of the deeper hallways of Shal'aran, Redamous was dead certain of that. At best, it was more of a concept. 'Sneak into the city using a few hidden pathways'. It lacked the finer details that usually came with something most people would identify as a 'plan. Steps, contingencies, and every other sense of flesh was missing, and so they were left with nothing more than a skeleton. An entry point, and a vague idea of what to accomplish once they were there.

Which, to be fair, was more than he had had to work with often enough.

If he were to be completely honest, the Knights had wandered into most situations without much of a plan. Given that hadn't exactly worked out most of the time, but thus far no one had died (again). So sneaking into a massive city filled with addicted elves, all of whom were likely to either attack them on sight or report them under similar conditions, probably wasn't the worst thing he'd ever be part of.

So here he was, standing on a platform, while the particular addict that they happened to be cooperating with spoke with an associate of hers. Someone who had a decent enough idea of teleportation to get them from point A to point B with most of their organs in tact. Not that it mattered if their organs remained in tact, since they weren't really using them all that much. The elf though, well. Red didn't exactly want to wind up somewhere with someone whose innards had suddenly become their outtards.

Simmons obviously wasn't taking the idea as well as he was. He was fidgeting muttering about finding another way into the city, and all around irritable. Part of him had the idea of thumping him upside the head, in the hopes that he'd get knocked out long enough to shut up, but that wasn't really smart. Sprawling someone out on one of these teleportation pads probably screwed with something and, again, the lower their chances of failure, the better.

The other death knight managed to shut his gob once the elf finished up with her colleague, joining them on the bad. Red crossed his arms, raising a brow as he looked down at her, but she refused to really acknowledge him in one way or another. If he had to guess, she was just as antsy as Simmons was. It just so happened that her natural state was twitching.

Away from them the other elf, some hooded fellow who muttered to himself with every little action, was fiddling with something. Under his feet he could feel the pad warming up, and soon enough he expected some sort of portal to gobble them up, and spit them out somewhere else. If that's what happened, he never really noticed.

Instead, they just happened to be elsewhere. There was little fanfare, perhaps a slight whooshing noise, and a change in atmosphere, but beyond that, the change in location was just sudden. So sudden that it took him a solid minute to process just what exactly had happened. At least worth portals there was some sense of warning, it was like using a door in many ways. One just had to get used to the concept of how far a span of space they were moving. This was just wrong almost. Instant. Like watching a mage teleport.

Once he managed to regain whatever sense of composure he had, which wasn't much, he turned his head, making sure that he wasn't alone wherever they happened to end up. Thankfully, he wasn't. The elf was standing near a wall, staring at him, having not been phased too much, far as he could tell at least. The same couldn't be said for Simmons, who was in the midst of pressing his helmeted head against the wall, hands laying against it as well, groaning.

"I think I'm gonna be sick," he whined, bending his head closer to his chest to look at the worgen, "Can we still get sick?"

Redamous just shrugged. The thought had never really crossed his mind. Though if he had to pick an answer, he was certainly hoping that the answer was 'no', considering he had no interest in seeing the contents of Simmons's stomach.

Taking some time to take in their surroundings, he eventually turned to the elf, motioning about to the stone, arch-like walls that surrounded them, "Where the hell're we at?"

Xanthe turned, arms crossed, "We should be in the sewers of Suramar City."

"Oh," the worgen muttered, dreading the moment where they crossed into some space that was far less pleasant smelling, "Then we still need to go up."

"We still need to go up, and we still have a few things to acquire before we pass deeper in, yes."

With a sigh, Red wandered over to Simmons, resting a hand on his shoulder in an attempt to pry him away from the wall. With minimal resistance, the man nodded, hands dropping to his stomach. Taking in a few breaths, Simmons nodded, looking to their elven guide, "Well let's get a move on then."

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