Sunday, February 5, 2017

Ghosts (Part 13)

Her eyes were closed, and her breathing was steady. She was knelt in front of the starship, meditating. Nearby, the others were talking about some nonsensical sport played for amusement. Despite her objections, they could not leave, because apparently Imperials would kill them all should they attempt to flee. When she stated that she would like to see them try, Gwynara was swiftly laughed down.

Apparently the Imperials were so advanced with their weapons that they could even strike such large crafts out of the sky.

Once they had decided that one 'team' was going to do particularly well this year, the men departed into the ship, leaving her with the woman. Nadia. Without opening her eyes, she could sense Nadia stand and approach her. Her arms were crossed, and there was a somewhat curious look on her face. Gwynara had to give her credit. She seemed to have a vague grasp on her people, enough knowledge to understand her methods somewhat. But this was still all foreign to her. Though honestly, magic seemed to be unfamiliar to anyone beyond Dathomir.

At one point someone had told her to not come near them with her "Force hocus pocus." Any further questions into the matter simply resulted in talk of a nonsense religion. But her abilities were not nonsense, they were not false. She had grown with them, learned from them. The things that could be achieved with them were incredible.

"Are you going to sit there all day?"

Letting out a sigh, Gwynara finally opened her eyes. Her head swiveled until she was looking at Nadia, "I am attempting to recover."

Nadia couldn't help but shake her head, "I suppose you've earned as much."

"A rest is the swiftest way to move onto another task with full strength," Gwynara said, taking in another long breath, "And perhaps the best way to celebrate victory."

A snort escaped Nadia's lips as she lowered herself to Gwynara's level, attempting to mimic her position. She took in a few short breaths in the same manner, "I feel as though I could celebrate victory in a few better ways."

Gwynara shook her head, "This is the easiest way to commune with the spirits. To thank them for their assistance."

The Imperial woman's lips pursed at that, "Ah, yes. Those spirits."

The Dathomirian nodded, "We must appreciate them for their help. For they assist us with their strength in blessing. At present I am trying to thank the spirit that you called for." Her eyes closed once more, as though to illustrate that point.

Coughing into her hand, Nadia shook her head. Gwynara frowned, one eye cracking open to stare at her with a piercing yellow eye. Wringing her hands, Nadia simply shrugged, "I don't believe there is any spirit to contact, Gwynara."

"Why." A semblance of venom was dripping from her voice.

"Well," Nadia frowned, shaking her head, "He's not dead."

A voice echoed across the hangar, prompting both of them to stand as fast as possible. In a flash both of them had drawn weapons, Nadia wielding a blaster, Gwynara a staff. The latter's eyes narrowed as they saw the quartet approaching. A uniformed man, their leader obviously, took the center, his blonde hair kept neatly under a gray cap. Behind him were three stormtroopers, their white armor stained with dust.

The man kept his voice raised as he repeated himself, even as he drew slowly closer, "He might as well be, Nadia."

The pale woman visibly stiffened, head slowly turning to stare at Nadia. She made note of the numerous beads of sweat that slowly dribbled down the woman's face, as well as how she visibly gulped. Still, she put on a cocky smile, and a similar tone, "Long time no see, Gideon."

A dark look crossed the man's face, something between searing hatred and terrible agony. With a raise of his hand, the troops behind him raised their weapons, ready to fire. The Dathomirian dropped into a lower stance, prepared to strike if attack, but did not move. The man's left hand came up to rub his lower jaw as he considered Nadia, right hand remaining firmly on his blaster.

"This is where you ran off to?" he finally said, letting the left hand drop, "To scuttle about with these terrorists."

Nadia ignored the question, "Gideon, dear, why don't you put the weapons down and go home, before you do something you regret?"

If looks could kill, his would have burnt her alive. "I can't leave, because I have a sense of honor, and duty," he spat at her, left hand coming up to point at her accusingly, "As mother and father raised us on." She opened her mouth to interrupt, but he continued on, "Not gallivanting around the galaxy terrorizing the populace. Not committing acts of terrorism. Not betraying one's own people, and especially not betraying one's own flesh and blood."

Gwynara's eyes narrowed as she turned to look at Nadia, not saying a word. Nadia only offered her a shrug, as though the situation explained itself. Looking back to Gideon, she kept her smile on, "I didn't know you were here."

"Would you not have come if you did know?"

Nadia bit her lip, slowly shaking her head, "No. I suppose I would still have come."

With a flick of Gideon's wrist, the troops advanced, weapons raised, following his short command, "Arrest them, for treason against the Empire, and the act of murder."

The Dathomirian wasn't going to allow that to happen. The moment the soldiers began their advance, she began that low, native chanting Nadia had heard her do mostly to herself before. At first Nadia brought her hands up to her ears, as though something may come over her, but whatever the pale woman was doing seemed to only strike at the Imperials. They all froze, slowly looking around as if they didn't recognize where they were. The soldiers slowly began aiming at each other, fingers resting on the trigger of their rifles.

Nadia's eyes went wide, and she grabbed Gwynara by the arm, doing her best to interrupt her. The Dathomirian turned, glaring at the woman, waiting for an explanation.

"Let's just," her words caught as she tried to come up with an excuse, finding nothing, "Let's just leave. Make them let us leave."

The stare lasted just a bit longer, before Gwynara began muttering something else. Once she was finished, she turned, making her way up the ramp. In his dazed state, Gideon slowly picked up his commlink, and began whispering something into it about a ship departure being cleared. Absolutely mortified, Nadia turned, making her way up the ramp, not looking back.

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