Monday, October 13, 2014


                "We will assume you have already read through the reports,” the one on the right said, his focus firmly on the elf.

                The voice was cold. Not just in the sense that the person, if they could even be called such now, was so definite in their delivery, but because the very act of their speaking would have caused metal to frost over. Regardless of what the two behind the desk had been prior to their present assignment, now all she could ever compare them to is some sort of ice that had gained sentience.

                She stood straight, her back stiff as the metal walls that made up the room. Her attention was focused on neither of the two figures that sat behind the desk in front of her, but rather the space between them. It was pointless to try to give one of them more attention than the other, especially once they began to converse rapidly. One who thought they were some unified being separated into two icy shells would not have been alone in the thought.

                Offering her superior a nod, a noticeable action with her lack of motion, she spoke firmly, but nowhere near as glacier-sounding as the two, “Yes, sir, I have read the reports.”

                The other one spoke now, her words being likely just what his would have been had it been his turn, “Then we do not need to explain the expected situation. However the Orc decides to lead whatever forces he may acquire, we will respond.”

                He took his turn, picking up on the end of her words, “And thus we will need some form of forces settling into whatever area he decides to make his incursion in, wherever it may be. Azeroth or Outland. Multiple bases of operation could be required, depending on the scope of the attack.”

                The elf nodded, “And I shall oversee one of them, I would expect.”

                With many of the other superiors of Acherus, one’s failure at grasping at the direction their orders would go was a wonderful source of amusement. Such was not the case when it came to the two here.

                The one of the left responded, no malice or amusement in her voice, simply certainty, “Incorrect. You will be assigned to an expedition alongside others, under the command of a current officer among the Blade.”

                The elf’s stance nearly faltered, but she caught herself before such was allowed. “I see,” she said, “And who shall that be then, sir, ma’am?”

                He slowly slid a thick file across the desk, his boney, gloved hand somehow having the strength to do so. The elf almost assumed the two were frail as could be, but they never gave her reason to believe their appearance matched their capabilities.

                She allowed her hands to leave their position from behind her back, taking the file, and flipping through it. She produced a photo, eyeing the subject of the file over, before tucking it under her arm, “What is my position among this expedition?”

                “We require vision. Both in reports on the progress of this potential unit, as well as confirming that it fits our vision. As such, you shall be considered a second of sorts,” she began.

                “A translator. Someone who should be at his side at all times, especially during potentially major decisions. It is not unlikely that some interaction with those among the Horde, and even those among the Alliance who use such foreign tongues, will be required. As such, your position will be of import,” he continued.

                “Would you offer any other parting words on my future ‘commander’ then, sir and ma’am,” she said, prepared to depart.

                The two glanced at each other, before he spoke. Despite his words, his tone carried a sense of fact, over any form of malice or ill-thoughts, “He is a righteous, ‘honorable’ fool. Such means that his methods and actions may not match our intent.”

                “Which means that he will potentially become an issue to furthering the Blade’s objectives, and as such, means that possible removal of the error and the error maker may be in order. Should such occur, you shall be the likely candidate to take his position.”

                The elf nodded, saluted, and left.


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