Sunday, March 30, 2014

Excerpts from a Worn Journal

Written in Darnassian.

I continue trying to produce reasons to remain here, and I continue to come up with nothing. I've wanted had to do this for some time. No longer can I remain here while I know that some distance away our work has made little progress. I wonder on how Adren may respond, but I've found that such a thought is not enough to keep me here. He may worry, but in the end, I would like to think he can respect and understand why, even if I do not inform him.

They invited those of us that remain to some sort of anniversary “reunion” to remember the “tragedy” that befell us. I do not believe I've ever heard such an insult in my entire life, long as it has been. The resources should be used elsewhere. On the effort. But no. They wish to “respect their veterans”...

...This is the first time in some time where I have actually had a goal, an objective. It's a series of steps, and I can follow them, and I have a purpose again. It's an odd feeling. Yet wonderful. I must go through that goblin town. My 'supplier' of sorts is there. An illusionist by trade, or so he's told me via post when I've attempted to contact him. From there I have to work towards the Blasted Lands. We told each other we would never dig that thing up. That it was not worth it for our intentions, good as they may be. But I will, because I must. I see that now. I see what she was getting at. I know what she was getting at.

…I feel disgusting for even having to take the guise of one of those Scourged creatures, but I feel it necessary. Perhaps I've decided on something far too complicated, but there shall be no questions, and there shall be no direct trail. They may search for a Death Knight, and find no one. Beyond that, should they even be seeking an elf, than they will have difficulty finding myself. The goblin's potions are at least good enough for that, as much as I despised having to pay him so much for such. I will need someone to lead me back to the area, though. Which means a witness.

There can be no witnesses. Such is a depressing fact. But such is the way of this.

…It was brutal. But it was swift. Painful, I'm sure, but his pain did not last. If anything, I am the one that had to suffer. I had to cut him into pieces. Like some animal. But I will not break the impression I am trying to convey. They will find him, and they will blame me, and they will look, yes. But it is better than said dwarf returning and saying anything about the item I came to recover.

…I suppose one can now say I've killed art. Or at least an artist. It's quite terrible that I attempt to make jokes for such a thing, but it's to... Cope. There is some bloodshed on my hands now, and I despise myself for it, but there will only be more in the future. That in the future though, is deserving of it. Very deserving.

It strikes me as almost a good thing that I am using the dead girl as a sort of disguise. For the time that I must use her as such(and it is worth saying that I remain impressed by the goblin's work), I shall be forced to remember such. My removal of a flame of life shall not be for not. That must be seen to without a doubt.

Goddess help me down the dark road I've chosen.

…I've heard some word that death knights were investigating the dwarf's demise. Why death knights of all creatures? Is it out of fear that they may be being wrongly accused? Some chasing of a potential rogue member? It makes no sense. Mercenaries, perhaps? I cannot even imagine who would hire such things for any work involving investigation. Adren certainly would not.

For whatever reason they may be doing so, they shall not be finding me. My path is clear for now. I must head north again. Duskwood shall provide a decent route. I already had to pass through there to arm myself to be able to match up with the impression of such knights, not that there is any proof of such. I passed on the weapon to a man in the woods. I would hope that he would be able to defend himself with such. He did not seem in his right mind, though.

...These people at Raven's Hill have given me the opportunity to remain here for a time. I have decided to take said chance, and shall use it. They seem kind enough. It is good to see. I pray that I do not need to commit any more violence for the time being. There should be enough to keep any investigating in the Blasted Lands. Of course, what may go wrong, likely will. When the need arises, I shall continue west into Westfall, and then towards Stormwind. From there, it shall be time to return west.

It's been some times since I've returned to Darnassus. I cannot imagine that any of these death knights shall pursue...

...The things I continued to hear were correct. At least one death knight has been following me, trailing me. She did not identify as to why. I had to resort to using those damned magics that I was hoping to reserve for a later time, but I do not regret such. It was too confined a space to use my bow. I expected more from her. She was rather easy to slam around. If I were to guess, where there is one there are at least other involved parties, death knight or otherwise.

She shall regret doing so. That much I can say. She was close enough for me to make use of the goblin's concoctions. And those around Westfall will find that “she' is very generous. Once she pursues, it should create a decent enough distraction.

…I should not be as pleased as I am with the fact that I wasted so much time conning and playing with them. I was correct. There is yet another knight, a companion of the prior woman. The poor fool questioned and threatened me, and I led him on a merry chase before moving onto Stormwind. I shall acquire passage to Darnassus soon enough. That should be more than enough distance.

Should these knights become a problem, I shall have to make sure that they are one no longer before proceeding with the rest of my work. If the rest are on par with the first, this should be easy. If they are not, then I shall need to prepare for such a conflict.

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