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Character Profile: Daera Dalamora

"I'm always watching."

The Watcher

Name: Daera Denise Dalamora
Nicknames: None
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Status: Undead, Death Knight
Family: None known.
Position: Acherus Central Watcher currently assigned to the 1113th Reformed Scourge Regiment AKA "The Knights of Menethil"
Titles: Private(Current, among the 1113th), Captain of the 1212th Reformed Scourge Regiment(Former), Watcher(Current)
Aliases: None

Appearance: A woman of average height, just under six foot, Daera Dalamora is commonly adorned in armor, save for the few times she has been convinced to do otherwise, her blue hair cut short, and her skin an ashen color. She makes no attempts to hide her state of undeath. While in public, her face is almost always devoid of emotion, her voice maintaining a cold monotone. Her general stance is that of her standing straight, hands folded behind her back, eyes constantly flicking around.

Biography: Born to parents she would never know, Daera Dalamora would spend most of her life growing up in the Stormwind Orphanage. As she grew older, her ties to it became more and more distant, before finally she ran away at the age of sixteen. Her following years would be spent living out on the various roofs of Stormwind, taking shelter elsewhere should storms come.

Daera provided for herself through thievery, taking an interest in people and their connections with each other and their positions. Many of her days would pass by with her watching those below from a rooftop, observing and trying to understand their behavior, as a sort of game. Often she would lift items off of those she found especially interesting, and keep them for herself as a sort of prize.

Years later around the time of the Scourge Invasion prior to the Northrend Campaign, Daera found herself breaking into and entering a noble's home in Elwynn, in the attempt to search through the possessions of a particular woman she had found interesting. Upon entering, there was a commotion outside, where she found the couple who lived there being slaughtered by undead who were storming the house. Fleeing through an upstairs window, she ran through the woods, before encountering another undead soldier, and falling to it.

Following the Battle for Light's Hope Chapel, she would take part in the Northrend campaign, eventually taking control of the 1212th Reformed Scourge Regiment, also known as the "Fighting 1212." The regiment would take part in the storming of Icecrown Citadel, where they would become trapped in a circle of ice and assaulted over and over by a number of undead while trying to defend an emplacement to the eastern side of the Citadel. A final push would result in the majority of the other Knights on hand being unavailable to fight, leaving Daera to push the remaining forces back.

After the Citadel had been taken, Daera, a Captain at the time, would be summoned to the depths of Acherus Central to be informed that she was being promoted for her actions. This "promotion" meant leaving her regiment to be an agent of Acherus Central, taking the position of a Watcher, which tapped into her ways during life. This position involved being assigned to various units and having to report back to Acherus Central about their activities, and on occasion also dismantling those that were designated as being too out of line and assigning their members elsewhere. Eventually she would be assigned to the 1113th, where she remains presently in what has become her longest assignment.

Personality: Cold and distant, Daera shows and says little much of the time. She identifies and proves to be highly observant, taking in and evaluating such. At times she uses this information as a way of verbally assaulting and degrading others, which is her preferred method of causing suffering. Of the few times that she has actually formed connections with people, she can still be seen struggling to not observe and evaluate that which she gathers.

OOC Comments: Created during a bit of a slow point of RP and such with my guild, I decided I wanted a character that was not an officer, and would have a reason to be directly interacting and having to dig into other people's characters. I want to say that that day I'd seen people receiving their 'employee evaluation' which actually consisted of someone sitting around and watching them work, before exiting the room and saying nothing more.

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