Sunday, January 26, 2014

Hello World

Thought up while listening to "Hello World" by Lady Antebellum

The giggling woke him up. He gave a short moan, and stretched, looking around. He'd fallen asleep, he shouldn't have done that, but the grass just felt so....nice. She continued to giggle, and he finally pushed himself off the ground, stretching again, before looking around for where the sound came from.

Red laughed, for a broken place, Nagrand was beautiful. Simple as that. Just looking around at the scenary calmed him. He'd planned to leave weeks ago. He should have left weeks ago. But he just couldn't.

There was nothing for him back with the Alliance. No point, no purpose. They didn't want him, his race, or his kind. Far as he knew, they were better off not having to deal with him.

But out here, he wasn't hated, the two he came in contact we seemed to feel the opposite. The older claimed how she loved having another person around, the younger loved having someone around to play with.

The younger, was a few yards away, running through some of the taller grass, laughing her head off. Red couldn't help but smile at the sight. The moment she saw he was up, she ran to him, still laughing.

"Red! Come on, I want to show you something!" she said, tugging at his hand. He laughed, letting her lead him on, simply nodding. She pulled him through a small bunch of trees, that exited into a clearing. "There! See it?" she pointed, and he squinted into the distance.

In the clearing stood about six or so Talbuk. Red smirked, nodding, "I see them."

She shook her head, "Not them, that!" she pointed again.

Red squinted even more, following her finger, before finally he saw it. At first he thought it was just a large rock, but then he saw it move. It seemed to just glide across the ground, walking on air, what looked like arms weren't even attached to it. Elemental, the word finally came to him. The older had warned him before about them, this had to be one.

The creature's eyes met his at that moment, and it began to hover their way. She simply giggled, clapping her hands, "Look at it! That's so cool!" she said.

Red shook his head, and grabbed her hand, pulling her away, "Yeah, I see it, I see it." he muttered, as they moved the way they'd came. The second he heard it begin to break through the trees he hoisted her up into his arms and broke into a dead sprint.

He glanced back, he was gaining ground, but he began to worry how far this thing would follow them. After a few minutes of moving, the hut he'd resided in for weeks now came into view. When they arrived, he set her down, and ran in, grabbing his blade from where it'd layed, running back out.

The elemental, as he'd suspected was still on them. Red sprinted towards it, ramming the blade as deep into it as he could manage. If the elemental had felt any pain, it didn't show, as it swing hard, striking Red in the side. The Worgen flew through the air landing a few feet away.

Slamming into the ground, Red let out a small "Oof.", and lay still. Her shriek pierced the air, and he pushed himself, dizzily to his feet. He saw the large rock moving closer and closer to her, and roared as loud as he could. He was dead, she didn't need to be.

The elemental charged again, and as it did, he vaulted over it, his blade running along it as he did. When he landed, he turned, ready to fight again, in time to see it go to pieces.

Red quickly turned again to where the child had been, his eyes widening when he saw she was gone. He called out to her, before sniffing the air, following what trail he could gather from that.

The scent lead him to another clearing, and he began looking around desperatly for the child. Her mother was away, selling her wares, and would return soon enough, he wouldn't be able to even look at her if he lost her daughter.

She screamed again, and his eyes darted to the sounds place of origin. A clefthoof stood there, that's what he saw first, the second thing he saw was her flying through the air, almost like a bird. He sprinted, sliding just in time to catch her in his arms, she moaned in pain.

When he made it back to the hut, he lay her on the small rug, and rushed around, gathering what medical supplies he could find.

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