Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The Accountant's Ledger: Entry 2

Warning: Violence

[[Accessing Datapad...

Username: dmalcolm

Password: *********

Access Granted.

Selecting application.

Record selected.

Connecting to Camera 1 feed...


Recording beginning.]]

The camera's feed slowly cuts in, revealing a small room on an older ship. Front and center, about halfway back from the camera, sits a man. His hands and feet seem to be bound to a chair with what might be tape, his mouth taped shut as well. His eyes are focused on someone, apparently someone behind the camera, his gaze filled with poison.

“Is it on?” a voice from behind the camera said. “Is the little light blinking?” The man just stared. “Nod your head if the light is blinking.” There was a sigh, before a Chiss's face appeared in the from, a small smirk on her face as she looked at the shot, “Oh I see how we're gonna be. It's gonna be a long night for you pal.”

Seeming satisfied, she stepped out, walking behind the chair. Running her hand along the man's shoulder, she smirked even more, “Hey mister Ogotta the Hutt. This here's that guy you've got a mark out for, and this...” she stuck a hand down the man's left pants pocket, fishing out a small card, “Is probably the info he stole.”

The man squirmed in his seat, but did nothing else. She held the card in front of his face, “Now is this the...” She blinked, looking back towards the camera, “Oh. Right. Confirmation, first.” Walking around to where she was in front of the man, Daeria tore the tape from his mouth, laughing when he recoiled in pain. “Now then, what's your name again?”

When he had recovered, he stared up at the Chiss, before spitting in her face. She shook her head, pulling her blaster from her belt. He only grinned in return, “Kriff off.”

She glanced back at the camera, before shooting him in the foot. He reeled back again, howling in pain. “Your parents must have been really mean to name you 'Kriff Off'. So, wanna try it again? 'Cause it looks like you have two feet there.”

The man appeared like he was ready to cry, and was biting his lip. Finally he opened his mouth to speak, regaining some of his composure, “Christopher Wells.”

She smirked, nodding. Holding the data card in front of his face again, she couldn't have sounded more amused, “Now. Is this the data you stole from the angry Hutt?”

Wells gulped, staring at the card, and then shifted his gaze to the Chiss. Then he looked at the card, and then the Chiss. “I have no idea,” he finally said, almost in a whimper.

Daeria shook her head, before bringing her right elbow down against his right forearm. There was a horrible cracking noise as he howled in pain again, this time the tears coming. “Let me put it this way,” she said, circling him, running a finger along his shoulder as she did so, “You're just the data guy, am I right? You're just the data guy. You aren't the guy who wanted the data, so what really does it matter to you? It was just a job, right? Just give it up. What? Are you worried that someone else is gonna hurt you when we're done here? Little late for that, don't you think?”

He looked away, biting his lip again, slowly shaking his head. She crouched down slightly, staring him in the eyes, holding his head to try to focus his view, “So lets try this again. Did you steal this data. From Ogotta the Hutt?” Looking away, the man slowly nodded. “Good boy.”

She stood, walking back over to look directly at the camera, “Alright. There you have it. I'll be dropping him off once you've got this confirmation and all that crap.” Looking back at the man, she muttered, “Mark cut. This parts for me.”

She turned, striding back over to the man, “So. It's a long flight. What do you think we should do with that?” Casually running her finger down his arm, she pressed it into the part she had broken, watching him scream again. “Would watch you squirm, I guess. But that ain't much fun. Got any cybernetics in you? Help with the slicing or anything? Maybe I could see about playing around with those. But I guess I shouldn't kill you, considering I'm not getting paid to kill you. Not in the contract, can't do it.” She tapped her chin. “I'll think about it.”

Striding out of the camera's view, the Chiss whistled softly. The feed would die soon afterward.

[[Ending Recording...

Recording saved.

Selecting portion of recording.

Preparing selection for sending.

Select recipients.


Closing programs.

Logging off.]]

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