Sunday, November 18, 2012

Tales of an XCOM Commander: Part 1

He wasn't even supposed to be there. He really shouldn't have been there. But God rest his soul, Captain Ibriham "Boomer" Moosen is dead. Ironically I'm fairly certain "boom" is the sound his organs made when that Cyberdisc made him explode with its death ray or whatever that is. We're actually researching it now.

I should feel bad, shouldn't I? But honestly, I didn't know Boomer that well. I only knew him from when he'd arrived from Egypt. I think. He'd been gifted to us from some nation after we'd saved their city. One of the best of the best as they'd told us. He never got much combat experience.

Of course the only reason he was there was so that one of our strongest, a miss "Flash" Gorden, could under go psychic testing. So, without really thinking about it, I sent Boomer. The others didn't really know him that much either. He went in, equipped with the shotgun he'd used during his days in the actual military. With the basic armor we handed every soldier who walked in the door, and a frag grenade. We gave him the decency of not checking his pockets, to see if there were any pictures or anything. That would've only added to the pain.

If only I could say the mission had gone better because of him. In reality, though, we lost a good ten or so civies. A few folks will be sitting in the med bay for awhile, and to boot, when they got back to base, it was only to hear that Major Gorden's testing was all for naught.

Sadly, the mission had been necessary. For a week or two, we'd been running low on supplies with which to research, or to produce things with. Follow that up with the fact that Japan had just witnessed a massive UFO fly over, going God knows where, and we were unable to stop it, lacking birds in the area, it was looking like our ship had sailed without us on it.

Of course our saving grace was a good sized city's doom. The aliens decided it was time for a strike, and they terrorized the populace, taking out at least half the ones we were supposed to save.

Of course now, we'll be ready for the next swarm of cyberdiscs. We'll be prepared.

Of course, I have my doubts that's the worse they'll throw at us.

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