Thursday, August 30, 2012

Guild Wars 2 first impressions

Well. I'd call it peer pressure that drove me to buy Guild Wars 2. I know people who bought it, and I know they seemed to enjoy it, but I'm always iffy with buying a new MMO. I was going to wait and see how it was doing a few months down the line, but, oh well!

With that said, I honestly think this game was way overhyped. I in no way(having not played it) think it's honestly a bad game, but hype simply makes me iffy. Things rarely ever live up to hype, for me it was Skyrim, for others, say Duke Nukem Forever. So, I'm stating it ahead of time, expect me to be very nitpicky.

The Box

Now, after saying that, this is going to sound very picky! But hey, the box is what you're going to see in store, the box is what should make you want to play.

I play WoW, and I think WoW has a very well made box. Some beautiful artwork on the front complete with a nice short description.

The Guild Wars 2 box's front consists of its logo, which is nice, but against the white background, to me, a bit bland. The back contains a quote from IGN "Guild Wars 2 shouts brilliant design." That's not too bad, I suppose, but it doesn't say much. The synopsis for the plot: "The all-powerful Elder Dragons have woken from their slumber, threatening the land. Now, heroes from the five great races of Tyria must band together, or die apart." Hm...Sounds a bit generic. But that's just me. The features toted are 'Your Character, Your Way', 'Innovatiive Gameplay', and 'You Make the Difference'. Alright, I can roll with this.

The Contents of the Box

Opening the box itself, you're welcomed by a foldout that details which classes can use what weapons, the standard key bindings, and a short little explanation on how to install. For me personally, I truely miss how we're moving away from manuals. I know that it's cheaper for companies, it's cheaper, but to me, that used to be part of the experience of buying a new game. Taking it own, prying the box open and pulling out the manual(sometimes even before you got home!), I just sort of miss that.

And that's my experience thus far! Time to install it. More posting soon enough!

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